Thursday, August 12, 2010

Empty Nest

My littlest of birds has spread her wings and left the home nest. Four years ago  I knew this day would come sooner than I wanted it to. Off to Preschool she went this morning with tight pig tails on either side and a belly full of excitement and nerves (or maybe that was just me). 

It is funny how parenting works. One day you can't put them to bed at night fast enough or pawn them off to the grandparents for sleepovers, just so you can get a break. Then on days like these you wished you could take all that time back and be with them for longer.

I feel so blessed to have been able to stay home with Little G for her first 4yrs. I am a very proud mamma in how she has grown up into a "BIG GIRL" and the opportunities I was able to share with her. 

However, I can't wait till 3:00pm to pick her up!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Cheese Head

I can't believe how long it's been since I've blogged. Well, here is a "Kick Off" to hopefully a weeks worth of blogs to come.......

I just can't help it. She is so darn ugly it's cute. This is what happens when:
                 1-    You have too much time on your hands during the day (don't tell my husband
2-  You buy the EX LARGE CHEETOS
3- You have a dog who will BEG and BEG and BEG. Hey, this is what she gets.

Monday, June 7, 2010


Seven years ago............ and you still take my breath away.

Happy 7th Babe!!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

My New Dog Fountain

My husband always knows how to have a good time. Usually at someone else's expense!
You make a great fountain honey.

Thursday, May 27, 2010


This is me, playing around with my new photoshop program.  I couldn't help but post my project picture of the most cutest kids EVER. It is the best feeling in the world to see how much they love each other......well at least today.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hump Day Stretching

(Jewels, AKA "Humper Dog")

It all started a few months back. Our, now 5mon old English Bulldog Jewels, started using her right to"sexually mature". I was her first victim. She came up to me, smelled my leg and then started at it. I YELLED to my husband, "Oh my God, she's humping my leg." All he could do is laugh and say, better you than me.

A few days later she had her puppy shots at the Vet. While in there I figured I would ask if this was normal for a FEMALE dog and at her young age (try to tell your vet your dog is "dry humping" and not laugh at the same time).

 He told me that they all do it, they don't know why they are doing it, they just know it feels good. Then he proceeded to say all in the same breathe......."And we all know it feels good."  I'm sure the expression on face was priceless when he said this, I was not prepared to hear how good it feels according to the vet. YUCK!

I came home and told my husband. All he could do is laugh and say, better you than me.

So I told you that story to tell you this one.

Since then the dog, formly known as Jewels, has now been nicked named the "Humper Dog" by my children. They find it very entertaining and must think it is some sort of silly dog dance because so far there have not been a lot of questions that go along with the dogs actions. My philosophy is they don't ask I don't tell. Until this morning when my 7yr old son came up to me out of the blue and we had this little conversation (at 6:30 in the MORNING!):

Son: "Mom, why does Jewels hump?"

Me: (choking on my cereal I just put in my mouth)" Uhhhhh........... (gasp) wellll............(deep breathe as I was prepared to somewhat answer this question the best I could at 6:30 in the morning) When dogs get to a certain age son something happens within them called............(quickly I was cut off)

Son: "I know mom, she is stretching. She must just need to stretch."

Me: "Yes babe, that is exactly what happens, she just needs to stretch."

So, there you have it people. Sometimes we just all need to stretch, even the dog. Just remember on this Wednesday Hump Day to take a big stretch, cause in the words of the vet, "we all know it feels good!"

Happy Hump Day,

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Gettin' me a Husband or Wife

I know part of the reason that God gave me my son was to put spontanious moments of laughter into my life without notice. His childlike innocense of the world keeps me grounded and reminds me how to keep it simple myself.

Last night him and I were sitting on the couch watching TV and a video of a wedding came on. He turned to me and asked,
    "Mom, how old do you have to be to get married?"

At this point I was wanting to be REAL careful with my words, this conversation could really be in  my favor for his future. I replied, 

    " Well........ Bug (my nick-name for him) you have to be old enough. Probably..... in your twenties is good.   Mommy was twenty-two when I married daddy."

He looked at me with the most confused look, raised is arms up in frustration and said,

       " So how's it done........where do you get just go pick them out or go somewhere to get them or something?"

I couldn't help but hold back my roaring laughter I wanted to belt out or my smart ass comment I wanted to reply with.  It was so innocent how he thought the marriage process was; like buying a puppy at a store or a t-shirt at Wal-Mart. Find one that looks good, good price and doesn't give you too much shit!

I didn't answer him. I'm still waiting for head to catch up with my mouth on this one.

Sending Love and Marriage Advice,

Friday, May 7, 2010

Hawaii Trip...Aloha

We made it back!! Our trip was so amazing and everything just blew our minds. I think my favorite day was when I got to swim with a sea turtle. It was so surreal. The beauty over there can't be described in words or even captured on a camera. The locals are cool, calm and full of stories. We came back relaxed and refreshed. I still think we are on island time. Everything is moving slower, we let things roll off our shoulders and have cravings for drinks with little umbrellas in them.

I can't leave without posting some of my favorite pics of the trip.

We saw tons of turtles and I swam with them too!! SO FUN
True black sand beach
Hawaii Sunset
The Happy Couple
I don't think anyone looks good in snorkle gear but...hey... it's worth the view
All the schools of fish swimming with us
Hubby I proud you ventured off and did this
This guy wouldn't leave me alone in the water. He was NOT camera shy.
"I love you Tiki-Bro-Ha"
First Waterfall I ever saw
My "bad boy" driving our jeep we rented. I think his favorite part of the trip is when we got to put it in 4WD. Thank God for renters insurance that jeep saw A LOT off road.
Volcano Crater
This was a stream from a waterfall. We drove down a steep valley to tootle around.

Sending Island Love,